[VIDEO/DL][140328] Heechul call-out at Super Idol Chart Show ENG SUB

1 Apr

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Subbed by: yurigoodoo

[TRANS][140319] Heechul Is Here with TVXQ Interview – Part 2

21 Mar

Heechul: So you, Siwon and Minho are known as the SM’s Big Three Discipline Master. Haha. Yunho is indeed a handsome guy. Now that Changmin have become a real adult, together with real man Yunho, at the same time TVXQ had also debuted for 10 years, congrats congrats. How do you feel?

Yunho: 26th December 2003 was our first broadcast day, debuted on January 2004 and released <Hug> , initially we already thought of going a long way, and we really do a lot (of things) after that, we also received lots of love from our fans. In the future we will prepare an even better album and stage for our fans. Really, to be able to hold a concert on our 10th Anniversary, I think in SM we are the only one. Very happy and excited. Hyung your (SJ) 10th Anniversary is nearing soon right?

H: Exactly, our 10th Anniversary is just next year. 10 years really pass so fast with all our playing, haha. Just like (I) mentioned just now, Super Junior’s personality is to really fight when we quarrel, but will reconcile the next moment. We will not hold grudges towards each other, will solve everything on the spot. I think this is the reason why (we) can reach 10 years. How about TVXQ?

Changmin: Actually, including the carefree (Heechul) hyung, (I) am very envious of this side of Super Junior, will reconcile after quarreling. We will not be like that, instead, we will talk a lot. While having our Japan Tour with Yunho hyung last year, we talked a lot, and our relationship became closer. (We) were together for a long time, so we somehow knows when is the right time to talk and give opinions, and when is the good time to stay quiet.

Yunho: Right now Changmin and I are very clear of each others’ base line, so we’re more harmonious now, there’s almost nothing to quarrel about. Both our personality are different, it would be easier to give opinions when we do things, the results will be produced out fast too. We cannot make it if we fight. In Super Junior, if two members were quarreling, there are lots of members to mediate, but we (TVXQ) only have two persons, if we quarrel there are no other (members) to mediate for us, haha.

H: Yes, that’s right. If our members are quarreling, the others will be like “Let’s go drink” “Let’s go play games” or something like that, and we’ll bring them along. We’ll even pay for it if we go out, and allow them to quietly reconcile. You both 2 persons should be even sad.

C: Hyung, think about it, if (you) were to be in a duo with Siwon hyung, you’d be a hyung who had many SJ members, but to treat Siwon hyung nicely is a different thing. When there are two persons (in a group) you’ll need even more understanding, and to take care of each other. Base on this, I really want to thank Yunho hyung.

H: TVXQ is really a very charismatic and handsome group, so cool and interesting, different from our Super Junior. But will you feel burdened to always carry the handsome image?

C: Yes. I’m worried about us whom is always handsome, our stamina will decrease in the future. Even if we were to act handsome on stage, fans might feel that we’re not handsome at all. Maybe there will even be people saying, “You’re always acting cool/handsome”, in the future (I) also want to be somewhat interesting/funny. When I think of this I will feel that there are still many things I have not tried yet, thus will feel excited. Of course, even if we were to be funny, we will not be like  Super Junior too. Instead we will be showing the traits that are only unique to us.

Y: For the past 10 years we had hold numerous concerts in Korea and Japan, done numerous handsome stages, but always never had the chance to try out funny things, so in the future (we) might spend more time on this area. This year, not taking 10th Anniversary as an excuse, but we really feel that we should try out more interesting/funny stages, hahaha. Although Changmin had mentioned it already, we will maintain our unique style of handsomeness, but at the same time to show out more interesting performance. I wish to produce a  unique brand show/performance which will display handsome and funny stages that belongs to TVXQ only.

Credit:  楠楠思密达哟
Translated by: leeteukbaby@yurigoodoo.wordpress.com

[TRANS][140319] Heechul Is Here with TVXQ Interview – Part 1

20 Mar

Heechul: Preparing for stage right now? Thank you for coming over to waiting room, haha. Hyung became a reporter, you know?
Changmin: Have to write down the way Heechul hyung is now. We are receiving an interview, but cut by a phone call? Haha. Our Heechul hyung is just like a ball which bounces everywhere, so please. I had watched all the episodes of “Heechul Is Here”.

H: Isn’t it compulsory for an interview? I came here to support “Spellbound” too, why, don’t believe?
Yunho: Didn’t you came here (today) for Girl Groups? Haha. It will be interesting to have an interview with hyung, but will get nervous too. Hyung is very manly, but you also have the delicate and emotions like woman. The questions must be extraordinary. But then, hyung, because we had times where we were together, so please go by the gentle theme today. Haha

H: Since Yunho who had lots of memories with me already said that, I will not be so strong today. Haha. Yunho-ah, still remember? When I got chosen to be SM trainee, 12 years ago (I) came to Seoul for the first time, that time you are already living in the dorms. In order to bring me to the dorm you meet me at CheongDam Police Station’s entrance. That time I am totally like Samcheonpo in <Reply 1994> hahaha
Y: Of course I remember. Hyung, that time after I met you at the entrance of the police station and brought you back. Me, Donghae, Trax’s Jay hyung, we were all living together, until TVXQ debuts. Those days were really fun. We will all go back home during festive seasons, if not we’ll stay in dorms, and others will come up (to dorm) earlier to play. When hyung debut as SJ and had that car accident, I also went to the same hospital because of leg injury. There’s too much interesting things with hyung.

H: That’s right. Before debut the girl that you liked, saw the both of us at Apgujong fast food restaurant. She thought I’m a girl and rejected you. Haha. That time I had long hair. When we were living in dorms together, we would play hide-n-seek at the basketball court with the kids, we even wrote letters and bury in the ground after we watched <My Sassy Girl>. Even though there’s not much incidents with Changmin in the past, but when I saw Changmin immediately getting close with the sincere Kibum the moment he became a trainee, I already knew that this kid (Changmin) is a good kid.
C: Cause I’m chingu (same-age friend) with Kibum. Haha. When hyung, Yunho hyung and I were trainees, we had the trainee evaluation every week by SM staffs, Hyung will always sing rock. The memories are still fresh in my mind hahaha.

H: Changmin, that time you were singing to Lee KiChan sunbaenim’s <Cold>, and that time Kibum thinks that you were so handsome. Haha. Yunho will always sing to Harim hyung’s <Incurable Disease>, while I’m always to rock. But Yunho will always give me the most enthusiastic cheer and the loudest claps, Yunho’s support is the best. Haha. Even though Yunho is very active, but he is very polite. Even though the both of us doesn’t have a huge age gap, but since trainee days till now, he will always use formal language to me.
Y: That’s because you’re the hyung, of course I had to (use formal). If I have expectations for hoobaes, I will not just say by words, I will do it with actions. Even though sunbae-hoobae have to be close, but even so they should not forget the necessary etiquette.

Credit:  楠楠思密达哟
Translated by: leeteukbaby@yurigoodoo.wordpress.com


[DL/PICS][140222] Heechul at SS5 Beijing + Presscon (2024P)

14 Mar

Mediafire Download Link:  

Credits: 希澈家族LoveChul,  珍希83Holic联合个站 初见希loveheenimCenturyBlue百年唯蓝_star热爱生活呀巴扎嘿希天才天才马小懒小相的樱桃CherryTAO林晓糖DeepDark-深黑小分队妖精坊游子_希赫云ing希澈公主殿HCCN无比TEUKRelyOn_83赫海依靠站Celeste標兒_希临天下盛世繁花花落GCLee_mongo希影如畫韩希金太太金鐘雲是雲雲雲雲雲希醬的男神据说名字里有暹罗猫泥就会认得窝忘了0509gunheenim0624SJ_feat_ELF希静静静兒红蓝J77lucky-seven珍希雨露-QY洛可可-CC只取希天才一瓢饮庚澈中国应援站GC倾城奶油_宝贝李晟敏BlueHee_珍惜为澈痴迷_jarM记烧饼求掉肉TOTLLLLLLLEE_youyouYOUJang-VK_夏欢奇BT_监视器_阳光少年抖一抖某_饼干希盛世only-heechulSunnySmlie_溫溫溫溫溫_xin萌lan天才_中国百度金希澈吧小透明海綿_yuka萌站-MYHEERememberM中文网站Meet庚澈官方微博Miss_Olive莫離庚澈醬油團worldwideelfs_m多勒个多勒个多勒个多勒个多牙肉王子李铁蛋波兔希猪@birinvell京希是何年千是千万的千夏是夏天的夏特纸SAMA坐等朴鸭鸭回家愛澈澈的雪兒诺瓦奴的草莓君窄cccc锦盒SamiteBoxmerotiro,, JOY_minhee_敏熙ChinaMyFansForever庚澈Wwxy1995掌心里的美人-小队长团吧ALLFORUbealila莫离庚澈,木DictatorMooooomHee妖心不改_ScarletJoy火星上黄老邪–KIIRO,  teamsoul普亭fechox,  梦瑢Dr_mengrong音悦Tai-金希澈-饭团DYilan岚你该吃药了海鲜楼Seafood李吗蛋玄玄贤甜觅_SweetMe周觅后援会呀_李小赫肥小皂专注长颈鹿进化18年

Compiled by DidiHZK @ yurigoodoo.wordpress.com


[VID/FANCAM][140222] SS5 Beijing FULL Fancam (Heechul focus) – by 桑田海茶

24 Feb

Full 88 minutes fancam by 桑田海茶

Video link http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/hztcX4G-qjs/?bid=03&pid=2&resourceId=33810221_03_05_02

Youtube link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pybwV_D1gug

Credit: 桑田海茶


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